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"A Christmas Carol" Cast List

Congratulations to the cast of our production of A Christmas Carol! We were so excited to see so many great kids come out. Unfortunately, this play only has roles for 3 children. I really wish I could have used all of you! To all those who weren't cast, I encourage you to audition for Youth Education on Stage's production of "Jingle Bells Jury". THE CAST Charles Dickens-Logan Robertson The Child-Kai Elgenedy Mark Lemon-Steve Christensen Frederick Dickens-Andrew Kuester Clarksen Stanfield-Toby Holm Helen Hogarth-Rachel Morenski Charley Dickens-Cadagen Williams Mrs. Stanfield-Candyce Peycke Catherin Dickens- Valerie Tescher Jane Forster-Sarah Wilson To those who were cast, thank you so much for auditioning! I am so excited to get moving on this show! We will meet on Sunday afternoon at 2 pm, for a read-through. At that time, we will also also discuss what our schedule will look like for the show. If you have any questions or conflicts, please let me know. Thanks again to everyone who auditioned, and I hope that you will come audition for other shows in the future! -Kayla Stamp