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A Christmas Carol

by Based on the story be Charles Dickens Adapted by Kevin R. Neuhart
November 29, 30, December 1, 2, 3, 2001


Directed by B. Michael Quale

The fresh approach to the classic tale faithfully conveys the magic of Dickens.  As a miserly old Ebenezer Scrooge falls asleep on Christmas Eve, three ghosts appear.  Each revelas the wrong-dongs of Scrooge's life and what will happen if he continues with his evil ways.  Racked with fear and remorse, Scroog experiences a change of heart that has become synonymous with the Spirit of Christmas.  Adults and children alike will live the retelling of this Christmas favorite.

Ebenezer Scrooge Jim Ryen
Bob Cratchit Todd Bertch
Fred Matt Olson
Do-Gooder #1 Brad Dokken
Do-Gooder #2 Kristi marshall
Martha Cratchit Stephanie Richter
Beggar Boy Nathan Kleyer
Marley Look Alike Brad Dokken
Jacob Marley Earl Westereng
Ghost of Christmas Past Susan Snyder
Boy Scrooge Nathan Kleyer
Fan Nicole Kleyer
Young Scrooge Mike Swenson
Dick Wilkens Dusty Rockney
Mr. Fezziwig Brad Dokken
Belle Kate Olson
Mrs. Fezziwig Melody Edenloff
Eli Fezziwig Alex Johnson
Ghost of Christmas Present Brad Dokken
Mrs. Cratchit Sarah haugen
Belinda Cratchit Brittany Salwey
Peter Cratchit Nathan Seven
Elizabeth Cratchit Katelyn Esterby
Tiny tim David Esterby
Roger Dusty Rockney
Jonathan Mike Swenson
Mary Kristi Marshall
Grace Shawnta Wilson
Emma Jill Kvamme
Fred's Wife Vanessa Palmer
Wretched Boy Melissa Edenloff           
Wretched Girl Nicole Kleyer
Ghost of Christmas Future               
Pawnbroker B. Michael Quale
Laundress Liz Seven
Charwoman DeeDee Crider                       
Undertaker Earl Westereng
Turkey Boy Alex Johnson

Production Staff

Director B. Michael Quale
Set Design B. Michael Quale
Light Design Denny Campbell
Special Effects Jeff Olson, Matt Olson
Light Technician Denny Campbell
Sound Technician B. Michael Quale
Set Construction B. Michael Quale, Jim Ryen, Todd Bertsch, Denny Campbell, Kristi Marshall, Mary Jo Harstad, Liz Seven, Sarah Haugen, Duane Anderson                        
Costumes Jamie Jokela, B. Michael Quale, Leanne Esterby, Kristi Marshall, Susan Snyder
Props Jim Ryen
Publicity Brad Dokken, B. Michael Quale
Box Office Liz Seven
Concessions       Mary Jo Harstad, Shandah Watts


Keven r. Neuharth, Jamie Jokela, Jim Ryen, KUMV-TV, Northern Plains Radio, Williston, State College, Youth Education on Stage, Formal Affair, KXMD-TV, Shop Williston First Committee