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A Christmas Story

by Jean Shepherd
December 3-7

Directed by B. Michael Quale

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A tribute to the original, traditional, one-hundred percent, redblooded two-fisted, All-American Christmas! 

A perfect outing for the entire family, this timeless tale consists of a series of hysterical vignettes anybody born in small town America can identify with.  Ralphie endures a pesky younger brother, triple dog dares, visiting Santa Claus at a department store, embarrassing gifts from an eccentric relative, and school bullies.  All this while trying to overcome the seemingly insurmountable task of convincing his parents that they should buy him a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas.  Ralphie wonders if he will ever reach his goal in time for Christmas as each adult he approaches has the same retort... "You'll shoot your eye out!"

Cast List

Ralph                            Jim Ryen                                     
Ralphie Noah Germundson
Mother Liz Seven
The Old Man Dave Richter
Randy John Goebel
Miss Shields Sharon Flaten
Flick Christopher Pozgay
Schwartz Seth Babbit
Esther Jane Julia Christensen
Helen Renae Evenson
Scut Farkus Austin Anderson