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Play/Musical proposal

Entertainment Inc! Production Proposal


Your name:

If you do not want to direct, please also give the name of the Director


Name of production:




Expected availability/royalty costs:

This can be checked with Samuel French Ltd. It is not required information but will be helpful to the committee in considering different plays.


Proposed performance dates:

Approximately--please give a month or range of months.


Date when you will not be available within the next 12 months: For directors; approximately


Cast Size:

Give total number and rough breakdown by gender & age





Over 50









Under 18






What is the structure of the play?

Outline number of acts and scenes and any other relevant information.


Give a brief summary of the concept:




How much rehearsal time will be required? :


What is the approximate run-time of the play?


What type of costume do you foresee being needed?

if a period or futuristic piece, give details of when the play is et and what you want costumes to achieve.


What type of props are likely to be required? Any special items (weapons, etc.) needed?


What type of set do you propose:

Please describe the set and use the space below to provide an indicative set--you won’t be held to it, but it will need to be realistic and form the basis of discussion with the committee


Stage Sketch:

For multiple sets, please indicate each--provide an additional sheet or two if necessary.





























Have you approached or identified...


… a producer?


… a stage manager?


… a costume designer?


…a props master/mistress?



Are there any special lighting and sound effects?


Are there any music requirements other than introductory/ending music played from a computer/DVD?


Other notes