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Bells Are Ringing

by Betty Comden and Adolph Green Music by Jule Styne
Feburary 13,14,15,20, 21,22

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Directed by Jack Dyville

The owner of a telephone answering service becomes involved in the personal lives of her clients with disasterous results.  This delightful musical comedy returns us to the days before cell phones and answering machines.

The Cast





Mr.Susanswerphone  Announcer Singer      Mike Daniels   Phyliss     Michele Fuchs 
Sue Toni Bell Donna Oral Johnson
Ella Peterson Renee Rogness Ralph
Gwynne Smith Jennifer Innis Louie
Miss Stevens Sara Braun Carl
Mrs. Mallett Sharon Ruff Ludwig Smiley
Little Himmy Bruce Wightman Charles Bessemer
Madame Grimaldi Laurie Flexhaug Dr. Kitchell
Olga Melanie Litchfield Joey
Jeff Moss Phil Jore Margaret
Inspector Barnes Earl Westereng Carvella Men
Frances Jim Ryen Paul Arnold
Foreigner Mike Daniels Michelle
Sandor Ted Lidseth Beatrice
Marty Hopper Doug Hoffman Carol
Larry Hastings Dennis Stromme Pyramid Club Announcer Singer
Blake Barton Dan Landes    "Brando" Actors Bruce Wightman, Brady Wassom, Rodger Schmid


Susanswerephone Commercial Singers Kate Keating, Kandee Fredericksen, Deb Sederquest, Melanie Litchfield, Michele Fuchs, Karie Ludlum
Party Guests ("Independent" Singers) Bruce Wightman, Mike Daniels, Dwight Wigness, Oral Johnson, Michele Fuchs, Deb Sederquest
People in the park ("Just in Time" Singers) Laurie Flexhaug, Ardis Jacobson, Liz Seven, Sharon Ruff, Debbie Branson, Dan Landes, Joe Mendro, Sr., Dwight Wigness
Ensemble "Singers" Brady Wassom, Doug Hoffman, Bruce Wightman, Joe Mendro, Sr., Mike Daniels, Dwight Wigness, Rodger Schmid, Dan Landes, B. Michael Quale, Karie Ludlum, Kate Keating, Kandee Fredericksen, Sara Braun, Deb Sederquest, Melanie Litchfield, Michele Fuchs, Liz Seven, Laurie flexhaug, Sharon Ruff, Ardis Jacobson, Oral Johnson, Debbie Branson
Dancers Katie Keating, B. Michael Quale, Kandee Fredericksen, Rodger Schmid, Michele Fucs, Brany Wassom, Karrie Ludlum, Bruce Wightman

Production Staff

Director/Choreographer Jack Dyville
Assistant to the Director            Jennifer Innis
Choral Director Ted Lindseth
Accompanist Pat Lund
Guitar/Bass Richard Halvorson
Percussion Chad Askim
Tech Director/Set Design     B. Michael Quale
Costumes B. Michael Quale, Oral Johnson, Ardis Jacobson, Cathy Stromme, Mary Alice Oyloe, Maxine Duncalf
Lights Jack Dyville, Thomas Golden
Sound Greg Fuchs, Anna Powell
Dance Captain Katie Keating
Props Jennifer Innis, Jim Ryen
House Manager Kathy Evenson
Concessions Mary Jo Harstad
Programs Sharon Radle, Rick Paulsen
Stage Manager Damon Smith
Stage Crew Matthew Olson, Leana Lesmeister
Set Construciton Sara Braun, Doug Hoffman, Dennis Stromme, Michele Fuchs, Rodger Schmid, Brady Wassom, B. Michael Quale, Joe Mendro, Sr. ,  Deb Sederquest, Karie Ludlum, Greg Fuchs, Matthew Olson
Scenic Painting Kathy Landes, Anna Powell, Mary Jo Harstad, Melanie Litchfield, Ardis Jacobson, Rodd Bertsch, Dan Landes

Entertainment, Inc! dedicates this and the remainder of the 1997-1998 season to the memory of our friend Vicki Finders.

Sponsored by:

David and Channice Charles            Stockman Motors, Inc.

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