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Renaissance Madrigal Feast IV

November 29, 30, 1996

Once again the Old Armory becomes and Olde English castle and the saga o Lord and Lady Worchesteshire continues.  Court Jesters, Lords, Ladies and all the Peerage, plus the common folk will once again be serving a traditional English feast and entertaining their special guests.

Members of Ye English Court

Lord William Howard Young
Lord Worchestershire Earl Westereng
Lady Elizabeth April Key
Lady Victoria Vicki Finders

Lords and Ladies to the English Court

Make Daniels Jacki Keck
Ken Hansen Joe Mendro, Sr.
Renae Rike-Nehring B. Michael Quale
Jennifer Skor Lynette Stoner
Kari Vance Bruce Wightman
Cheryl Fleck Janelle Olson
Ardis Jacobson Jane Studsrud
Allison Marsland
Keeper of Ye Royal Gold Sharon Radle
Ye Royal Town Crier Doug Hoffman
Guarde to Ye Olde Dungeon Paul O'Connor
Ladies of Welcome               LeRoy Schmitz
Ye Royal Pages                    Michelle Fuchs, Stephanie Hamilton, Kate Keating,Tricia Schwartz
Steward to Ye Olde  Dining Hall LeRoy Schmitz
Mistress to Ye Olde  Dining  Hall Mary Jo Harstad
Ye Royal Jester Jack Dyville
Apprentice to Ye Royal Jester Tyler Stewart
Ye Royal Story Players Michelle Fuchs, Doug Hoffman, Paul O'Connor, Tricia Schwartz, Susan Snyder
Ye Royal Puppetiers Michelle Fuchs, Paul O'Connor
Ye Royal Dancers Stephanie Hamilton, Kate Keating
Ye Royal Musicians Patricia Lund, Richard Halvorson, Jacki Keck, Ann Reiner
Ye Royal Blow Hards Dan Anderson, Grace Anderson
Keepers of Ye Royal Garbe  Camille Anderson, Amy Folkestad, Jennifer Kindig, Jacque Marsland, Sarah Mindeman
Peasant Servants Laura Anderson, Leah Johnson, Casey Paradies, Shannon Reed
Beggar Wenches Sara Braun, Jeanne Larsen, Lauri Flexhaug
Beggar Youth Thomas Golden

Ye Lords of Lande of Scott

Dwight Wigness Grant Schilke
Cliff Sundt Rich Studsrud

Ye Crashers of Ye Royal Feaste

Ye King of Ye Spanish Gypsies Dennis Stromme
Ye Madam of Ye Gypsy Wenches Phyllis LeDosquet
Ye Peddlar of Gypsy Treasures Oral Johnson
Gyspy Rogues Eldon Johnson, Jake Liudahl, B. Michael Quale, Scott Studsrud
Gypsy Wenches Kandee Fredricksen, Carla Mindeman, Cynthia Skow, Julie Wick
Ye Royal Sound Enhancers Greg Fuchs, Jon Geyerman

Ye Laborers To Ye Entertainment, Inc.

Duane Anderson Rick Paulsen
Mark Anderson Shanda Kvernum
Todd Bertsch Mark Suelze

Craftsmen to Ye Entertainment, Inc.

Maker of Ye Bowed Psaltries Bernie Arcand
Maker of Ye English Lute Richard Halvorson

Special Gratitudes

         Mercy Medical Center    UND -Williston   KUMV-TV    KXMD-TV    Williston Herald    Economart     Youth Education on Stage     Morningstar Convenience

Special Honour to Lady Lynn McCoy for the use of Ye Royal Harpsichord