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Steel Magnolias

by Robert Harling
October 17, 18 1991

Directed by D.W. Groethe

Steel Magnolias is about the bond among a group of Southern women.   The play by Robert Harling is set exclusively in a Louisiana beauty parlor where an all-female cast of characters laughed, cried and compared menfolk.  The title suggests the female characters are as delicate as magnolias but as tough as steel.

The Cast

Truvy Jones Ann Breslin
Annelle Bupuy-Sesoto Judy Billehus
Clairee Belcher Gayle Bintliff
Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie Sarah Haugen
M'Lynn Eatenton Mary Kay Eveanson
Ousier Boudreax Lynn Mendro

The Staff

Director D.W. Groethe
Assistant to the Director James Ryen
Set Design D.W. Groethe, Joe Mendro, Jr.
Set Construction/ Painting Mary Jo Harstad, Ardis Jacobson, Joe Mendro, Sr., Bobbie Mendro, Joe Mendro, Jr. D.W. Groethe
Sound Technician Joe Mendro, Jr.
Light Technician Matt Klemisch
Props Lynn Mendro, Carol Derry, Ardis Jacobson
Stage Manager Mary Jo Harstad
Stage Crew Cathy Green
House Manager Ardis Jacobson
Box Office Joan Mendro, Jeanette Price

Our Sincere Thanks

Guy's & Gals Hair Care, Anita Graven and Betty Tkach, Conlins, Hair Flair, What Not Shop, The Broadway for Hair, Mark Brannegan, KXMD, Williston Daily Herald, KUMV, KDSR, Prairie Public Radio, KEYZ