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A heart warming musical
Under the Bridge

by Kathie Lee Gifford & David Pomerantz
November 29, 30, & December 1, & December 5, 6, 7, 8


"Under the Bridge"

Book & Lyrics by Kathie Lee Gifford

Muis by David Pomerantz

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Based on the book "The Family Under the Bridge" by Natalie Savage Carlson.  Under the Bridge tells the tale of an old hobo, who lives under a bridge in 1945 Paris.  He seems happy with his life until a woman and her 3 children invade his space.  The story progresses in the days before Christmas and has a universal theme of how the love of the child is sometimes enough to melt even the hardest of hearts.  This charming family friendly musical is full of style and good values.

Directed by Jack Dyville

Musical Director Tara Hoggarth

Percussionist Chad Askim

Accordianist Ruby Ann Stiegelmeier

Artistic Director B. Michael Quale

Armand (a hobo) Phil Jore

Mireli (leader of the Gypsies)

Renae Rike-Fee
Madame Calcet (a single mom) Allayna Stevens
Suzy (the oldest daughter) Emily Morenski
Paul (the son) Jaylen Cymbaluk
Evelyne (the youngest daughter) Emma Solberg
Claudette (a Do-Gooder) Schatzi Jore
Marjorine (a Do-Gooder) Paula Slow
Bernadette (a Do-Gooder) Jennifer Urbatch
Maurice (a Do-Gooder) B. Michael Quale

Alexander (a Do-Gooder)

Stefan (a Do-Gooder)

Jerome Walle

Steve Christensen

Nikki (a gypsy) Kathy Evenson
Marceau (her gypsy husband) Jerome Walle
Madeline (a gypsy) Ginny Gergen
Rochelle (a gypsy) Ruby Ann Stiegelmeier
Bruno (a gypsy) B. Michael Quale
Anton (a gypsy) Kevin Duttenhefner
Micheline (the storekeeper) Paula Slow
Pierre (a fisherman) Steven Christensen
Jacques (a boatman) Jerome Walle
Floor Walker Steve Christensen
Policeman Kevin Duttenhefner
Monsieur Latour B. Michael Quale
Gypsy Dancers & Musicians C'Dale Jore, Schatzi Jore, Karli Keck, Ruby Ann Stieglemeier

Children of Paris

The Wee-Ones of Paris

Rachel Morinski, Kori Walle, Claudia Prom Schmidt, Adrienne Urbatsch

Kat Canerdy, Ivy Jeanotte, Piper Keck