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October 28, 29, 30 1982

Directed by B. Michael Quale

Brigadoon is a musical by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe. It tells the story of two yound New Yorkers, Tommy and Jeff, in the Scottish Highland on a hunting trip.  They lose their way and night falls.  Morning reveals a mysterious Scottish village, not on the map, that appears for only one day every hundred years. 

To the villagers, the passing of each century seems no longer than one night.  The enchantment is viewed by them as a blessing rather than a curse, for it saved the village from destruction. According to their covenant with God, no one from Brigadoon may ever leave, or the enchantment will be broken and the site and all its inhabitants will disappear into the mist forever.  

Fiona's younger sister is being wed at dusk, but a rejected suitor threatens the happy occasion by telling the townspeople he is leaving Brigadoon.  Tommy  finds himself unable to explain his feelings for Fiona, and is faced with the decision of leaving her and Brigadoon at the end of the day.


Brigadoon Cast

Tommy Albright

Larry Jeska 

Jeff Douglas

Howard Young

Jane Ashton

Cynthia Flemming

Fiona MacLaren

Cheryl Jeska

Jean MacLaren

Sharon Flaten

Adrew MacLaren

John Conlin

Archie Beaton

Dennis Butler

Harry Beaton

David Binde

Mr. Lundie

Gary Bickel

Charlie Dalrymple

Todd Matistad

Agnes McGuffie

Lynn Rockstad

Meg Brockie

Gayle Bintliff


Philip Clouse

Maggie Anderson

Denise Heiser



Villagers of Brigadoon


Jeannine Cote*, Maxine O'Connell, Jean Laqua*, Mary Jo Lemer*, DeeAnn Lund, Norma Oyen, Carol Sandvik, Irene Schneider, Jan Thue, Joe Mendro, Duane Severtson

Oral Johnson, Renee Kitsch, Julie Larson*, Mickey Loomis, Philip Clouse, Mike Harstad, Ted Lindseth, Loren Miller, Mike Quale



Off Stage Chorus


Margo Bartness, Dennis Stromme, Doroth Olson, MaDonna Ennis, Janet Valvik, Faye Horn, Joe Mendro, Duane Severtson, John Conlin





*   Denotes   Women's Ensemble        


Production Staff

Director B. Michael Quale
Vocal Director David Binde
Choreographer B. Michael Quale
Dance Captain David Binde
Rehearsal Pianist Sandi Blikre
Set and Technical Director B. Michael Quale
Light Director George Meisel
Costume Coordinator Bev Epping
Publicity Jan Thue
Ticket Sales Mary Ann Begley
Sponsors Maxine O'Connel
Programs and Ushers Mary Jo Lemer, Margo Bartness
Poster and Program Design Sharon Flaten
Stage Managers Kathy Bartz, Mary Kay Evanson
House Managers Liz Cantarine, Yvonne Niemeier
Set Construction Mike Lemer, WHS Shop Class
Properties Vicky Berger, Mary Alice Oyloe
Lights WHS Lighting Crew
Set Painting Cliff Sundt, Cliff Gronfur
Makeup Lucille Hennessy, Ildiko Kiss, Faye Horn
Back Stage Dennis Stromme
Costume Cindy Wineteer, Jackie Johnson