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Don't Hug Me

by Phil Olson and Paul Olson
Nov. 28-30 & Dec. 4-7




Directed by B. Michael Quale

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     Don't Hug Me is described as "a love story with singing and stuff."  In just a few short years this zany musical has managed to pick up an impressive amount of awards, including "Best Original Musical" at the Los Angeles Artistic Director Achievement AwardsDon't Hug Me first opened in Los Angeles in 2003 and has been winning hearts around the country ever since.  Book and lyrics by Phil Olson, music by Paul Olson. These Minnesota loving brothers grew up in Edina Minnesota.  Norwegian on both sides, they take a good natured, playful stab at the scandinavian population of the arctic northwest.  

     Don't Hug Me takes place in a rustic country bar called The Bunyan, on a day that can only be described as "colder than all get out."  Gunner Johnson, the ornery bar owner, has a stubborn streak that can only be matched by that of his wife, Clara Johnson.  When Gunner decides he has had enough of the cold, he makes arrangements to sell the bar and move to Florida.  Be that as it may, Clara has no intentions of packing up her things just yet.   Meanwhile, the waitress at the Bunyan, Bernice has decided to pursue her dream of singing on stage.  However, her arrogant, self centered boyfriend, Kanute, is determined to keep her nearby.  Kanute and Bernice's relationship is soon put to the test by the arrival of Aarvid, a smooth-talking karaoke salesman.  Aarvid promises that his karaoke machine will change their lives!  A hysterical battle of wills ensues, set to such riotous tunes as, "I'm a Walleye Woman in a Crappie town," "Victim of My Y Chromosome," and "I want to go to the Mall of America."

     This laugh a minute musical requires an impeccable sense of comedic timing that our seasoned cast is sure to deliver.

Gunner Johnson B. Michael Quale
Clara Johnson Jennifer Sommerfeld
Bernice Lundstrom Kayla Stamp
Kanute Gunderson Daniel Johnson
Aarvid Gisselsen Dan Crisham


 Don't Hug Me performances are scheduled for November 28, 29, 30 and continue the following weekend December 4, 5, 6, and 7.  Cash bar at the Friday, December 5th performance only.  Saturday, December 6th performance SOLD OUT!  All performances will take place at the Old Armory Theatre.  Evening show time is 7:30PM.  However, please note all Sunday performances are matinees, beginning at 2:30PM.  Doors open one half hour before show time.  Concessions and Entertainment, Inc! merchandise will be available.  Call box office for tickets and reservations information (701) 577-3179.  We look forward to seeing you in our audience.