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Christmas Comes to Life through Joy, Love and Peace

December 11, 1983

The third annual Christmas Extravaganza was performed by members of Entertainment, Inc! The presentation consisted of Christmas songs coming to life though themes of joy, love and peace.  Christmas songs in the Joy segment of the program consisted of costumed performers singing with the chorus.  The Love and Peace segments featured soloists and small groups as well as a chorus performing other Christmas themed songs.



Sandi Blikre

Performing Members of Entertainment, Inc!

B.Michael Quale

Jeannine Cote

Howard Young

Edith Fjelstad

Karla Price

Norma Oyen

Marie Job

Lynn Rockstad

Jan Thue

Cathy Snyder

Cheryl Sapp

Denice Heiser

Dorothy Olson

Gary D. Bickel

Eleanor R. Bjelkevig

Oral Johnson

Joe Mendro

Wayne Peterson

Irene Schneider

Diane Strotheide

David Binde

Madonna Ennis

Renee Kitsch

John Maristuen

Lyndon Stockman

Mary Kay Evenson

Julie Larson

Dennis Stromme

Kathy Bartz

Sharon Flaten

Linda Maisey

Vicky Berger

Margo Bartness

John Conlin

Ted Lindseth

Bonnie Black

Duane Severtsen

Eunice Grove

Mona Slapnicka

Phillip Clouse

Staron Tininenko

Lawrence W. Wankel

Mary Larsen

Linda Clemes

Kathleen Smith

Dorothy Stockman

Earle Kittleman

Theresa Livers

Mary Oyloe

Sharon Hoglund

Show Committees

Show Chairmen Diane Strotheide, Cathy Stromme
Music Sandi Blikre*, Gary Bickel, Margo Bartnes, Dorothy Olson, Jeannine Cote, Dennis Stromme
Publicicity Sharon Hoglund*, Earl Kittleman
Small Groups Howard Young
Programs and Ushers Lynn Rockstad, Linda Clemes
Tickets Joe Mendro*, Joan Mendro, Karen Young
Costumes Norma Oyen*, David Binde, Sharon Hoglund
Stage Sets Colleen Detke, Dorothy Stockman, Olaf Knutson, Cliff Sundt, Karla Jestrab
Stage Crew George heiser
Sound David Oyloe
Lighting George Meisel*, Jenny Eide
Decorations Sharon Flaten*
Children Coordinators Linda Nelson, Karen Young
Chorus Manager Gary Bickel
Make-up Lucille Hennessy*, Dorothy Olson, Roberta Gludt

Special Acknowledgements

Roy Clark- Master of Ceremonies