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What's Love?

 During the start of 2022, Inc! will bring “What’s LOVE?”  February 11-14, a collection of  3-One Act plays, by 3 playwrights, 3 directors and 3 casts. A perfect Valentine’s treat for those who have ever questioned Cupid’s Arrow or ‘Error’.

Cast List

One Act Directed by Sarah Favorite
Mrs. Stevenson: Calise Geist
Operator: Maddie Davis
Chief Operator: Karen Shaide
Sgt. Duffy: Steve Johnson
Fred: Roger Holdeman
George: Eugine Johnson
Western Union Operator: Steve Christensen
Hospital Administrator: Sarah Favorite

One Act Directed by Maddie Davis
George: Roger Holdeman
Harriet: Melissa Drakeford
Jill: Keni Johnson
Salesman: Reese Harger

One Act Directed by Dave Richter
SueElla Marymount-Judy Billehus
Leroy U Bingham-Jim Ryen
Jake-Jack Dyville