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Christmas Cafe

by Burton Bumgarner
Directed by Sarah Favorite
Sponsored by: Handy Andy's Nursery

Betty is both waitress and cook at a local cafe, but her customers are anything but ordinary.  Christmas Cafe is a 3 part comedy based on the characters from classic Christmas stories: "The Night Before Christmas," "A Christmas Carol," and "The Nutcracker." 

In "All of the Other Reindeer," Blitzen has entered the cafe and is burned out and upset he is always chosen last for the team. All the other reindeer offer helpful suggestions and even bring in a new reindeer named 'Freud.'  

Jacob Marley's ghost goes to visit Scrooge's house, but is a century and a half too late in "Bah! Humbug!"

In "Nutcrackered," E.T.A. Hoffman has developed writers block.  Young Clara and Fritz tell him a story of a magical nutcracker which gives him inspiration.


 Play #1, "All The Other Reindeer"

Betty: Paula Slow

Blitzen: Roger Holdeman

Donner: Gio Johnson

Dasher: Addison Sanchez

Dancer: Andalyn Korwin

Prancer: Layla Nichols

Vixen: Paige Winner

Comet: Steve Christensen

Cupid: Bryn Bothe

Freud: Heather Rhinehart


Play #2, "Bah!  Humbug!"

Betty: Liz Seven

Marley: Roger Holdeman

Ghost of Christmas Past: Paige Winner

Ghost of Christmas Present: Savannah Rhinehart

Ghost of Christmas Future: Paula Slow

Bobby: Simon Ryan

Mom: Heather Rhinehart

Dad: Vern Ryan

Big Tim: Christian Marshall

Coach: Steve Christensen

Bob Cratchit: Gio Johnson

Fezziwig: Bryn Bothe

Fan: Andalyn Korwin

Belle: Addison Sanchez

Scrooge: Rob Favorite


Play #3, "Nutcrackered"

Betty: Heather Rhinehart

E.T.A. Hoffman: Roger Holdeman

Clara: Sawyer Studsrud

Fritz: Simon Ryan

Theodora: Kaytee Rhinehart

Ernestine: Layla Nichols

Drosselmeyer: Steve Christensen

Mice: Candice Holdeman, Laveya Slow, Audrey Martin

Nutcracker: Gio Johnson

Officer John: Christian Marshall