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Patron Benefits for 2023-2024 Season:


$20 + (Membership in Inc!)


$100 + (Membership in Inc!, 1 season ticket and name in program)


$175 + (Membership in Inc!, 2 season tickets and name in program)


$325 + (Membership in Inc!, 4 season tickets and name in program)

Community Leader:

$500 + (Membership in Inc!, 6 season tickets and name in program)

Production Sponsorship:

$1,500 - Play
$2,500 - Musical

Any company or individual wishing to be a production sponsor would receive:
  • Advertising Benefits: Your company name and/or logo included in all advertising for your particular production (print, television, radio, flyers)
  • Program Recognition: Company name and/or logo included in programs.
  • Website Recognition: Recognition on Entertainment, Inc’s! website ( with the ability to link back to your website (upon request).
  • Display Area: Opportunity to have a display/promotional area, upon request, during the entire run of your sponsored production.
  • Employee Involvement: Opportunity for your employees to usher/take tickets/sell concessions, etc. during a performance. This can be an additional opportunity for your company to be recognized by having them wear your company’s logo or nametags. Employees who volunteer will also be admitted into that day’s performance at no charge.
  • Curtain Announcement Recognition: You will be recognized during our curtain announcement.
  • Production Tickets: You will receive season tickets (4 season tickets for plays and 6 for musicals). You will also be allowed to reserve tickets two weeks in advance.