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The most colourful musical ever!
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

by Written By Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice
March 27-31


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Directed by B. Michael Quale

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the first collaboration between Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, tells the story of a young man named Joseph living in the land of Canaan. His father's favorite son, Joseph is perhaps a little spoiled. While the rest of his brothers are forced to wear sheepskin, he struts around in a fabulous rainbow-colored coat, a gift from his adoring father. The rest of Joseph's brothers aren't too pleased with the situation, and when Joseph goes so far as to tell them of a dream he has had in which their stacks of wheat bow down to his stack of wheat, they decide they have finally had enough.

Joseph's brothers abduct him, destroy his cherished coat, and toss him into a pit to perish. But when a group of Ishmaelites come trotting by on their donkeys at the last minute, the brothers have a change of heart and decide not to murder Joseph, but rather to sell him into slavery. Either way, he's out of their hair, and this way, they make a little extra cash. So they slaughter a goat, bloody up Joseph's coat of many colors, and return to their father, feigning great sorrow at the unfortunate death of their poor brother Joseph.

Joseph, however, will not be put down so easily. After being sold to an Egyptian property owner and serving a brief stint in prison, he uses his dream-reading abilities to secure an interview with the Pharoah who is so impressed with the young man that he immediately appoints him Minister of Agriculture. Years later, when a severe famine hits the land, Joseph's brothers come begging for employment. Realizing that they don't recognize him, Joseph decides to stage a little surprise for his would-be murderers before he allows everyone to live happily ever after.

Lasting only fifteen minutes when it was originally presented as a cantata at the Colet Court School in London on March 1, 1968, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was revised five years later by Webber and Rice, expanded to 40 minutes, and presented at the West End. It was expanded again, this time to 90 minutes, before its first New York production at the Boston Academy of Music in 1976. In 1981, the show opened at an East Village theatre and ran 77 performances before moving to the Royale on January 27, 1982, where it remained for 747 performances. The Royale cast featured Bill Hutton (Joseph), Laurie Beechman (Narrator), and Tom Carter (Pharoah). During the Broadway run, Hutton was succeeded by Andy Gibb and David Cassidy. The 2000 film version features Donny Osmand.


Narrator 1  

Jay Reinke

Narrator 2

Paula Swenson


JC LaBar


Gary Pozgay


Ted Lindseth


Steve Christensen


Jonathon Abuhl


Kevin Duttenhefner


Dan Christham


Gordon Anderson


Josh Johansen


Jamie Hoggarth


Andrew Martin


Schyler Abuhl


Cameron Schiessl


Dan Christham


Jamie Hoggarth

Jacob's Wife

Penny Pozgay

Levi's Wife

Laura Abuhl

Reubin's Wife

Allison Irgens

Judah's Wife

Darcy Klasna

Napthali's Wife

Susan LaBar

Isaachar's Wife

Jean Lindvig

Zubulun's Wife

Tara Morenski

Asher's Wife

Karen Riekeman

Simeon's Wife

Andrea Reinke

Dan's Wife

Jennifer Sommerfeld

Gad's Wife

Heidi Ryen

Potiphar's Wife

Susan LaBar

Young Women

Katie Hagen, Michelle MacSteves, Mallory Nygard, Rachel Richter, Clara Reinke, Theresa Schneider


Katie Esterby, Hayley Johnson, Aislinn Larsen, Angela Lindvig, Jessica Holte, Lexi Fixen


Bremen Abuhl, Olivia Abuhl, Michael MacSteves, Paul MacSteves, Emily Morenski, Christopher Pozgay, Eric Reinke, Mary Reinke, Julia Christensen, Ann Reinke



B. Michael Quale

Set & Costume Designer                     

B. Michael Quale


Angela Lundby

Stage Manager

Eric Pozgay

Sound Technician

Eric Pozgay

Light Technician

Maureen Healy


Penny Pozgay, Andrea Reinke, Darcy Klasna, Allison Irgens, Jennifer Sommerfeld, Susan LaBar, Kathleen Sinclair

Set Construction

Duane Anderson, Gordon Anderson, Kevin Duttenhefner, Steve Christensen, Tara Morenski, Eric Pozgay, B. Michael Quale, Jonathon Abuhl, Olivia Abuhl, Clare Reinke, Mary Reinke, Eric Reinke, Ann Reinke

Goat Design & Construction

JC LaBar

Dreamcoat Design & Construction

Penny Pozgay


Ann Ronning

Box Office & House Manager

Liz Seven

Concessions Manager

Mary Jo Harstad


Justin Parkinson


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