About Entertainment Inc!

Step back in time with...
Musical Inc!

May 9-11

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Directed By: B. Michael Quale

Entertainment, Inc! was originally founded as a choral music performing group that quickly embraced theatre with the 1982 production of "Brigadoon."  For a number of years, all productions featured musical performance.

In 1985, "Plaza Suite" marked the first non-musical production.  At one time, Entertainment, Inc! was comprised of three groups of singers, dancers, and actors--each with representation on the board of directors.  Eventually, these groups combined to form a community theatre organization with a "music-heavy season."

"Musical Inc!" will reflect on the musical memories of the past 25 years.  We will recall and recreate some of the fondest moments in Entertainment, Inc! history.  Past and present performers are welcomed back to take the stage at the Williston High School auditorium for a thrilling musical salute.

Special reunion events are being planned for the performance weekend.  Volunteers and suggestions are encouraged by calling 701-577-3179 or sending email to info@entertainmentinc.org.  

Featured Entertainment, Inc! Alumni

One role you might recognize them from

Jack Dyville

Nathan Detroit in "Guys and Dolls"

Renee Rogness

Mame in "Mame"

JC LaBar

Joseph in "Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Coat"

Terry Gaudreau

Pippen in "Pippen"

Renae Rike Fee

Marion the Librarian in "Music Man"

Mike Daniels

Judas in "Jesus Christ Superstar"

Ann Ronning

Vera Charles in "Mame"

Dwight Wigness

Entertainment, Inc!'s All Star Quartet

Clif Sundt

Entertainment, Inc!'s All Star Quartet

Rich Studsrud

Entertainment, Inc!'s All Star Quartet

Ted Lindseth

Entertainment, Inc!'s All Star Quartet

David Adams

Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof"

Tara Morenski

Maria in "The Sound of Music"

Howard Young

Curly in "Oklahoma"

Angela Johnson

Mona in "Dames at Sea"

Paula Swenson

Esther in "Meet Me in St. Louis"

Jay Reinke

The Narrator in "Joseph & the Amazing..."

Musical Inc! A Sentimental Journey, boasts one of the largest casts in Entertainment, Inc!'s history!  If you didn't see your favorite star listed above, keep reading!  A complete roster of our honored alumni is listed below.


  • Alleah MacSteves
  • Allison Irgens
  • Andrea Reinke
  • Andrew Martin
  • Ann Ronning
  • B. Michael Quale
  • Brennen Abuhl
  • Bruce Conway
  • Cameron Schiessl
  • Christopher Pozgay
  • Clara Reinke
  • Clif Sundt
  • Colt Ryan
  • Dan Chrisham
  • Darcy Klasna
  • David Adams
  • DeNae Johnson
  • Dennis Stromme
  • Diane Hagen
  • Dorothy Olson
  • Doug Hoffman
  • Dwight Wigness
  • Emily Black
  • Emily Morenski
  • Eric Reinke
  • Gary D. Bickel
  • Gary Pozgay
  • Gordon Anderson
  • Gregg A. Hunter
  • Heidi Ryen
  • Jack Dyville
  • Jamie Hoggarth
  • Jane Studsrud
  • Jay Reinke
  • JC LaBar
  • Jeanine Cote
  • Jeremiah MacSteves
  • Jonathan Abuhl
  • Josh Johansen
  • Joy Johansen
  • Julia Cristensen
  • Karen Riekman
  • Ken Hansen
  • Kevin Duttenhefner
  • Laura Abuhl
  • Liz Seven
  • Lizzy Gaudreau
  • Lois Redka
  • Mallory Nygard
  • Mary Alice Oyloe
  • Michael MacSteves
  • Michelle MacSteves
  • Mike Daniels
  • Mona Craft
  • Norma Oyen
  • Olivia Abuhl
  • OrĂ¡l Johnson
  • Paul MacSteves
  • Paula Swenson
  • Penny Pozgay
  • Priscilla Keck
  • Rachel Jarcik
  • Rachel Richter
  • Renae Evenson
  • Renae Rike Fee
  • Renee Rogness
  • Rich Studsrud
  • Robert Keck
  • Sarah Haugen Kathy Evenson
  • Schyler Abuhl
  • Steve Christensen
  • Susan LaBar
  • Susan Snyder
  • Tara Morenski
  • Ted Lindseth
  • Theresa Schneider