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Don't Drink the Water

by Woddy Allen
February 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 2003

Directed by B. Michael Quale

While returning home from a European tour, caterer Walter Hollander, his wife, Marion, and daughter, Susan, have an unplanned stop in nation of Vulgaria, where the family accidentally wanders into a restricted area and takes photos. They are pursued by the Vulgarian secret police chief, Krojack, who suspects them of espionage and attempts to arrest them. The Hollanders, however, are granted asylum in the American Embassy, temporarily supervised by Axel Magee, son of the ambassador.

Although the United States attempts to rescue the family by repatriating Vulgarian agent Grey Fox, he commits suicide before an exchange can be negotiated. Magee accidentally thinks up an escape plan that Susan forces him to share with the rest of the family. The Hollanders dress up as dignitaries and attempt an escape, but when the escape fails, Walter and Marion don the robes of a visiting sultan and his harem and rush out of the embassy. Susan happily bids her parents farewell and secures diplomatic immunity by marrying Magee.

This play is a comedy, housing many ironic characters, such as the slightly crazy chef, unpleaseable Walter and Axle Magee himself, being a notorious screwup.

The Cast

Father Drobney Jim Ryen
Ambassador Magee Randall Kellowg
Kilroy Ken Hansen
Axel Magee Sean Scott
Marion Hollander Judy Billehus
Walter Hollander Dave Richter
Susan Hollander Paula Swenson
Kroak Earl Westereng
Burns Doug Hoffman
Chef Mary Jo Harstad
Sultan of Bashir Brian Haaland
Sultan's First Wife Heidi Grondal
Kasmar Eric Pozgay
Countess Bardoni Mary Chartier
Guard Eric Pozgay

Production Staff

Director B. Michael Quale
Set Design B. Michael Quale
Set Crew Doug Hoffman, Ryand Anderson, Mary Jo Harstad, Ken Hansen, B. Michael Qualke, Sean Scott, Elsworth Enget;, Duane Anderson, Jody Kalal, Cory Nielsen, Eric Pozgay, Denny Campbell
Props Jim Ryen, Matt Olson
Cast Photography Matt Olson
House Manager Penny Pozgay
Concessions Mary Jo Harstad
Program Ann Newhouse, Mary Jo Harstad


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