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by A.R. Gurney
May 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 2003


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Directed by B. Michael Quale

Middle-aged, upper-middle class Greg finds Sylvia, a dog played by a human, in the park and takes a liking to her. He brings her back to the empty nest he shares with Kate.  When Kate gets home, she reacts very negatively to Sylvia and wants her gone. They eventually decide that Sylvia will stay for a few days before they decide whether she can stay longer.

Over the next few days, Greg spends more and more time with Sylvia and less time at his job since he now has another reason to avoid work.  Tension increases between Greg and Kate, who still does not like Sylvia. Eventually, Greg becomes completely obsessed with Sylvia, and Kate fears their marriage is falling apart. Kate and Sylvia are at odds with each other, each committed to seeing the other defeated.

Kate is asked to teach abroad, in London, and tells Greg that the English have a six-month quarantine for any dogs coming into the country. Greg is unwilling, but eventually he succumbs and drops the news to Sylvia, that he must give her away, to a family who have a farm in Westchester County.   Kate and Sylvia say goodbye; but, before Greg and Sylvia leave for Westchester, Sylvia returns the annotated and slightly chewed version of "Alls Well That Ends Well" that Kate has been looking for; and Kate has a change of heart.

The last scene is directed toward the audience. Sylvia has died, and Greg and Kate still hold her memory in all fondness.

The Cast

Sylvia Paula Swenson
Greg Brad Dokken
Kate Heidi Grondahl
Tom Matthew Olson         
Hamilton        Eric Pozgay
Phyllis Diana Evans
Leslie Erica Schultz

Production Staff

Director B. Michael Quale
Lighting Eriz Pozgay, B. Michael Quale
Sound B. Michael Quale, Brad Dokken
Sets Eriz Pozgay, Mary Jo Harstad, B. Michael Quale
Program Ann Newhouse
Concessions Mary Jo Harstad
House Manager Penny Pozgay
Dinner Theater Mary Chartier