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The Birds

by Aristophanes
February 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 2001

Directed by B. Michael Quale

It's not a Hitchcock thriller, but a mystery nonetheless.  Can man find and live in a perfect world?  Is a bird community that perfect world?  Travel along on the search for the kind of  place we all dream about- peaceful, loving, and free. With comedy, satire, and drama, Aristophanes builds a lyrical play around the search for Utopia. 

The Birds was first performed at the festival of the Great Dionysian in 414 B.C..  Although it was written over 2,000 years ago, it is recognized as one of the greatest comedies ever written. 

The Cast

Euelpides Jim Ryen
Pisthetairos Todd Bertsch
Sandpiper Beth Bush
Hoopoe B. Michael Quale
Koryphaios Casey Paradies
Priest Matt Olson
Acolyte Sam Wentz
Poet Vanessa Palmer
Prophet Mark Holter
Meton Susan Sinclair
Inspector Earl Westereng
Legislator Kristi Marshall
Messenger Laura Anderson
Sentry Elizabeth Glovatsky
Iris Amanda Moberg
Herald Melody Edenloff
Delinquent Andrew Flexhaug
Informer Jill Kvamme
Prometheus Mark Holter
Poseidon Susan Snyder
Herakles Jim Ryen
Triballos Earl Westereng
Bird Chorus Laura Anderson, Melody Edenloff, Elizabeth Glovatsky, Mary Jo Harstad, Kristi Marshall, Vaness Palmer, Susan Sinclair, Beth Bush, Misty Ellingson, Roberta Glovatsky, Jill Kvamme, Amanda Moberg, Alexi Riedlinger ,Susan Snyder

Production Crew

Director B. Michael Quale
Costume Design Anna Hoffman
Set Design B. Michael Quale
Sound Andrew Marting
Light Jared Munoz
Costume Construction Anna Hoffman, Mary Chartier
Set Construction Mary Jo Harstad, B. Michael Quale
Box Office Liz Seven
Concessions Shandah Watts
Program Sharon Radle