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To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday

by Michael Brady
March 29, 30, 31, April 1, 2001
To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday251 3-01.jpg

Directed by B. Michael Quale

David is so affected by the death of his beautiful wife Gillian, he turns their summer cottage into a permanent home and spends most of his time on the beach there, communicating with his dead wife's spirit and unwittingly neglecting his teenage daughter Rachel.  His teenage daughter and other family members are determined to drag him out of despair and onto the road to recovery.

On the second anniversary of Gillian's death, David invites Gillian's sister Esther her husband Paul to stay for the weekend. Esther insists on bringing a female friend named Kevin Dollof, whom she hopes David will become romantically interested in. David, however, ignores her in proceeding with a ritualistic celebration of Gillian's birthday.

The events of the weekend cause the adults to re-examine their relationships; Esther and Paul have to deal with the problem posed to their marriage by Rachel's provocative young teenage friend, while, most importantly, David comes to realize that he can be a loving and attentive father to Rachel without betraying the memory of Gillian.

The Cast

David David Richter
Rachel Sara Wahl
Cindy Stephanie Richter           
Paul Brad Dokken
Esther Ann Newhouse
Katherine (Kevin)            Susan Sinclair
Gillian Amanda Moberg

Production Staff

Director B. Michael Quale
Set Design B. Michael Quale
Sound Todd Bertsch, Ken Hansen
Lights Jim Ryen
Set Construction Todd Bertsch, Mary Jo Harstad, Doug Hoffman, Joe Mendro, Ann Newhouse, B. Michael Quale
Box Office Liz Seven
Concessions Mary Jo Harstad, Shandah Watts
Program Sharon Radle


New York Sunday Times, Boston Sunday Globe, Heddrichs Art and Trade Center

Todd Bertsch, Sara Braun, Jack Dyville, Jim Ryen