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Backstage Bedlam

by Jack Dyville
May 4, 5, 6, 6, 2000

Directed by B. Michael Quale

In this original adult farceby Jack Dyville, a Broadway touring show of "Beds and Babes" finds itself with a sold out house.  The audience, however, expects a completely different show.  Take a peek backstage and meet the cast who includes a character actress with a fondness for her flask, an ingenue of questionable identity, and a young actor with more brawn than brains.  Also meet the rest of the zany troupe and some of the demanding audience members.

The Cast

Miss Laurel Nolan/ Miss Peachie Phyllis Le Dosquet
Margaret Madison/ Sadie Ann Newhouse
Kristie Kane/ Crystal R. West
Curtis Fuller/ The Captain/Rolf Gordon Dexheimer
Jason Lee/ The Captain Paul Van Berkom
Wally W. Wallace/ Franz James Ryen
Mary Jo Goff/ Bertha Mary Jo Harstad
Sylvia Mae Collins Laurie Glexhaug
Addie Castleberry Susan Snyder
Louise Barker Liz Seven
Mathilda Barker Kathy Evenson
Mildred Palmer Mary Chartier

Production Staff

Director B. Michael Quale
Light and Sound Sara Braun, Jack Dyville
Costumes Susan Snyder
Program Sharon Radle
Set Construction Sara Braun, Kathy Evenson, Mary Jo Harstad, B. Michael Quale, Liz Seven, Paul Van Berkom


Thank You

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