About Entertainment Inc!


by Marc Camoletti
March 25-29



Hold on tight….it's going to be a bumpy ride


Presents a

"Wacky Seventies Farce"

Boeing, Boeing!

Opening tonight 
Thursday, March 25th

@ 7:30 p.m. and showing throughMonday March 29th,

with a Sunday matinee at 2:30 p.m. on the 28th. 
At the Old Armory

Call the BOX OFFICE for tickets at 701-577-3179

Tickets also available at the door. Don't miss your chance to board this hilarious
comedy! Hope to see you all there and ready for take-off!



               Bernard        Matt Rolfson
                Janet         Liz Durham
               Bertha       Stacy Johnson
               Robert    Travis Gudmunsen
           Jacqueline      Paula Swenson
              Judith        Darcy Klasna
            Director      B. Michael Quale



Please return your seats to their upright positions.  We’re in for a bumpy ride!


Bernard is a Parisian architect who is happily engaged…..to three different women.  All three of Bernard’s fiancés are flight attendants from different corners of the world; there is Janet, an independent American, Jacqueline, a feisty French woman, and Judith, a forceful German.  When a newer, faster Boeing jet threatens to ruin his well laid plan, Bernard must enlist the help of his friend Robert and his housekeeper Bertha to keep all three women from bumping into each other.  This turbulent afternoon leaves Bernard looking for the emergency exit and the audience rolling in the aisles!