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by Peter Stone and Sherman Edwards
March 21, 22, 23, 24, 2002

Directed by B. Michae Quale

The seminal event in American history blazes to vivid life in this most unconventional of Broadway musical hits.  It's the summer of 1776 and the nation is ready to declare independence.....if only our founding fathers can agree to do it!  1776 puts a human face on the pages of history as we see the men behind the national icons; proud, frightened, uncertain, irritable, charming, often petty and ultimately noble figures deterined to do the right thing for a fledgling antion. 

This "Student Outreach" production has been selected to educate and entertain the 'student' in all of us.

The Cast

John Hancock, President Brad Dokken
New Hampshire
Dr. Josiah Bartlett Rod Gillund
John Adams Denny Campbell
Rhode Island
Stephen Hopkins George Thorgramson
Roger Sherman Al Bervig
New York
Lewis Morris Bruce Conway
Robert Livingston Steve Johnson
New Jersey
Rev. Jonathan Witherspoon Earl Westereng
Benjamin Franklin Mike Daniels
John Dickinson Ted Lindseth
Judge James Wilson Gary Bickel
CaesarRodney Alan Domagala
Col. Thomas McKean Dave Richter
George Read Dennis Stromme
Samuel Chase Gary Pozgay
Richard Henry Lee Clif Sundt
Thomas Jefferson B. Michael Quale
North Carolina
Joseph Hewes Randall Kellogg
South Carolina
Edward Rutledge Ken Hanson
Dr. Lyman Hall Brian Haaland
Charles Thomson, Secretary  Todd Bertsch
Andrew McNair, Custodian Mike Swenson
Other Characters
Abigail Adams Angela Johnson
Martha Jefferson Renae Rike-Nehring
Courier Matthew Olson
Custodians Maro Lindsey, Bob Erickson  


The Staff

Director B. Michael Quale
Assistant Director Susan Snyder
Choreographer B. Michael Quale
Vocal Director Ted Lindseth
Sound Design Ken Hanson
Sound Technicians Joy Lunzman, Heidi Ryen
Lighting Design B. Michael Quale
Lighting Technician Jim Ryen
Accompanist Teri Sorenson
Percussion Chad Askim
Wigs and Make-up Angela Johnson, Suan Snyder
Costumes Diane Bervig, Mary Chartier, Bev Conway, Lavina Domagala, Melody Edenloff, Linda Einsfeldt, Rod and Sharon Gillund, Bobbie Gludt, Angela Johnson, Sara Jane Johnson, Jennifer Kouba, Olga Knutson, Carolyn McNamee, Mary Jo Merck, Caroldine Olson, Ruby Olson, Norma Oyen, Mary Alice Oyloe, B. Michael Quale, Debbie Richer, Renae Rike-Nehring, Carol Sandvik, Liz Seven, Ann Sorenson, Susan Snyder, Amy Ware, Kathryn Webb, Pat Wright
Set Design B. Michael Quale
Set Construction Bruce Conway, Alan Domagala, Ken Hanson, Mary Jo Harstad, Steven Johnson, Randall Kellogg, Anne Newhouse, Gary Pozgay, B. Michael Quale, David Richer, Jim Ryen, Dennis Stromme



Alan Domagala     First Lutheran Church      Williston Basin Floral      

Earl Westereng     Hedderichs      James Memorial Center