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The Octette Bridge Club

by P.J. Barry
January31, February 1, 2, 3, 2002

Directed by B. Michael Quale

A sentimental comedy aboutAmerican life in a bygone era.  On alternate Friday evenings, eight sisters meet to play bridge and gossip.  The first act takes place in 1934; the second ten years later during a Halloween Costume Bridge Party where each sister acts out her costume's personality.  A delightful, funny moving, glimpse of the sort of lives we are all familiar with- our own.

The Cast

Martha (Mrs. Michael McDermitt Susan Snyder
Mary (Margaret Donavan) Mary Jo Harstad
Connie (mrs. David Emerson) Jennifer Innis
Nora (Mrs. Lawrence Hiller) Mary Chartier
Alice (Mrs. Walter Monahan) Laurie Flexhaug
Ann (Mrs. John conroy) Liz Seven
Lil (Mrs. Peter Carmody) Ann Newhouse
Betsy (Mrs. Daniel Bailey) Shawnta Wilson
Robert Foster, the Photographer Todd Bertsch

The Staff

Director B. Michael Quale
Assistant to the Director Kristi Marshall
Lights Jack Dyville
Sound Jim Ryen
Box Office Kathy Evenson
Costumes B. Michael Quale, Susan Snyder
Set Construction B. Michael Quale, Jim Ryen, Liz Seven, Mary Jo Harstad, Dennis Campbell, Mary Chartier
Props Jim Ryen, B. Michael Quale, Janet Andersen, Susan Snyder, Mary Jo Harstad, Liz Seven, Todd Bertsch
Concessions Mary Jo Harstad

Special thanks to Rosenbluth's Leadership team for assisting with ushering and concessions.


       Books on Broadway, Jack Dyville's Dance Factory, Duane Anderson

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