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The Music Man

by Meredith Willson and Franklin Lacey
February 3,4,5,9,10,11, 1995

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Directed and Choreographed by B. Michael Quale

This story is an all-American valentine to a vanished era.  It is the story of a fast talking Harold Hill.  He cons the citizens of River City into buying musical instruments and band uniforms and poses as the band leader.  Marian, the librarian, is suspicious of Harold Hill, but starts to fall for Harold when Harold helps her brother.  Harold finds himself falling for Marian, making it more difficult for him to make a fast get away.

The Cast

Charlie Cowell Mike Daniels
Conductor Rodger Schmid
Harold Hill Kenyon Gleason
Mayor Shinn David Adams
Ewart Dunlop Clif Sundt
Oliver Hix Grant Schilke
Jacey Squires Richard Studsrud
Olin Britt Dwight Wigness
Marcellus Washburn Jack Dyville
Tommy Djilas LeRoy Schmitz
Marian Paroo Renae Rike-Nehring
Mrs. Paroo Toni Bell
Amaryllis Tina Domagala
Winthrop Paroo Kyle Sell
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn Susan Snyder
Zaneeta Shinn Courtney Bratlien
Gracie Shinn Gebrielle Agnes
Alma Hix Allison Irgens
Maud Dunlop Sharon Ruff
ethel Toffelmier Vicki Finders
Mres. Squires Jane Studsrud
Constable Locke Rick Pfeiffer
Mrs. Britt Laurie Flexhaug
Salesmen/Men of River City Larry Sneider, Rob Steig, Allen Domagala, Dennis Stromme, Tim Nehring, Joe Mendro, B. Michael Quale
Eulalie's Committee Members     Phyllis Owan, Diane Cote
Ladies of River City Elizabeth White, Stacey Gleason, Sara Braun, Detta Downs, Jacqueline Pfeiffer, Lillia Gajewski, Barb Kalloch
Boys of River City Casey Paradies, Tomas Golden, Jared Leier, Andrew Flexhaug, Ty Stewart
Girls of  River City Sarah Mindeman, Sarah Johnson, Aimee Stockman
Young Dance Girls Crystal Wenko, Keely Lovegren, Karli Jore, Nicole Moline, Kallie Bratlien

Production Staff

Director B. Michael Quale
Assistant Director Vicki Finders
Choreographer B. Michael Quale
Music Director Renae Rike Nehring
Accompanists Marilyn Ackerson, Pat Lund
Set Design B. Michael Quale
Tech Director Larry Sneider
Sound TEchnician Jon Geyerman
Light Technician Denny Johnson
Video Technician Richard Breslin
Costumes B. Michael Quale, Oral Johnson, Cathy Stromme, Sharon Ruff, Ardis Jacobson, Sharon Rakle
Backstage Crew Bobbie Mendro, Mary Jo Harstad
Set Construction Larry Sneider, Mary Jo Harstad, B. Michael quale, Rodger Schmid, Tim Nehring, Judy & Alan Billehus, Denny Johnson, Susan Snyder, Allison Irgens, Vicki Finders, Clif Sundt, Diane Cote, Micke Daniels, Laurie Flexhaug, Detta Downs, Barb Kalloch, Joe Mendro, Andrew Flexhaug, Thomas Golden, Joe Waltzine, Lillia Gajewski, Sara Braun, David Adams, Jane & Richard Studsrud, Allen Domagala, Dennis Stromme
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