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Ye Olde English Feaste

Noverber 25, 26 1994

Directed by Renae RikeNehring, B. Michael Quale

The Holidays find Inc! with the third annual Renaissance Madrigal Feast.  Watch the Old Armory become an Old English Castle complet with Lords, Ladies, Court Jesters and other special characters.  All the peerage, plus the common fold will be serving traditional English Fare.

Ye English Court of Ye Old Armory Castle

Lord William- Howard Young                   Lady Elizabeth- April Key

Lords and Ladies to ye English Court

Mike Daniels Renae Rike-Nehring
Ted Lindseth Lynette Stoner
B. Michael Quale Jennifer Skor
Ken Hanson Allison Irgens

Dethroned Lord and Lady to ye Old Armory Castle

Lord Worchestershire- Earl Westerng            Lady Worchestershire- Vicki Finders

Lady of Ye Royal Harpsichord Patricia Lund
Ye Royal Brasse Dan Anderson, Grace Anderson, Gayle Arnson, Holly Lackey, Ryan Booth, Mead Mueller
Jester Judy Billehus
Jester's Apprentice Ty Stewart
Teller of Tales Ron Wright
Fairy Dancer sundae Bean
Strolling Violinist Ann Reiner
Beggars Linda Clemes, Laurie Flexhaug, Carol Weisgerber
Ye Royal Lamplighter Alan Bellehus
Gypsy Susan Skor
Fire Tender Mary Alice Oyloe
Merchant Woman Oral Johnson
Pages to Lord William Timothy Nehrign, Rodger Schmid
Town Crier Jack Dyville
Guard to Ye Olde Armory LeRoy Schmitz
Guard to Ye olde Dungeon Larry Sneider
Steward Jim Ryen
Mistress of Ye Olde Dining Hal Joyce Winden
Castle Wench Mary Jo Harstad
Keepers of Ye Royal Garb Courtney Bratlien, Jenni Sandvik, Paula Swenson
Ladies of Welcome Detta Downs, Stephanie Helgeson
Peasant Servants Katie Ahmann, Kevin Corrigan, Kim Engen, Charlene Folster, Carrie Ford, Amber Granrud, Gran Haake, Shannon Harrington, Brad Hirst, Erin Hopson, Billie Kellar, Erin Keogh, Melissa LeDosquet, Kari Lindstrom, Peter Mastalka, Laura Nelson, Sarah Selby, Megan Stensaker
Sound Enhancer Jon Geyerman

Honoured Guests to Ye Olde English Christmasse Feaste

Duke De Chantilly Dennis Stromme
Dutches De Chantilly Lynn McCoy
Son of Duke DeChantilly Austin McCoy
Lady Dubois Jeannine Cote
Archduke De Chantilly Joe Mendro, Sr.
Lady DeChantilly Pam Aielinski
Landy in waitng to Lady De Chantilly Toni Bell
Nursemaide to the Court De Chantilly Lonna Hovland
Lord of Villa Pitti Dwight Wigness
Lady of Villa Pitti Phyllis LeDosquet
Knight to the Court of Villa Pitti Bob Sapp
Lady in Waiting to Lady Pitti Sharon Perry
Cardinal to the Court of Pitti Castle Don Perry
House Keeper to the Cardinal Carla Mindeman
Italian Fortune Teller Mary Kay Evanson