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You Know I Can't Hear You When The Water's Running

by Robert Anderson
April 6,7,8,9, 1995

Directed by B. Michael Quale

You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running, was a collection of four one-act comedies, mostly about marriage, that opened in New York in 1967 and ran for more than 700 performances.  Inc! will perform three of the four plays. 

"The Shock of Recognition" - takes place in a producer's office as Herb, who is producing the play by writer Jack Barnstable.  Herb questions a line in the play about a man, who responds to his wife and comes out "naked"  saying"you know I can't hear you when the water's running." Humorous dialogue is exchanged as they discuss the intent of the play's message.

"The Footsteps of Doves" finds the setting in a store basement that sells beds. George and his wife Harriet are to buy a bed and after 20 years of marriage. Harriet wants a single bed, while George argues to keep a double. Their marital dismay and sexual angst are played in discussion and disagreements in front of the salesman.

"I'm Herbert" is a depiction of when old age and memory loss fuse within a married couple who have both had a few previous husbands or wives, and with a slip of the tongue, the names and places of the past get confusing.

The Cast for 'The Shock of Recognition'

Jack Barnstable Ken Hansen
Herb Miller Larry Sneider
Dorothy Detta Downs
Richard Pawling B. Michael Quale

The Cast for Footsteps of Doves

Salesman LeRoy Schmitz
Harriet Kathy Wood
George Arch Ellwein
Jill Michelle Fuchs

The Cast for I'm Herbert

Herbert Charles Clausen
Muriel Jennifer Innis

Production Staff

Director B. Michael Quale
Sound Technicians B. Michael Quale, Judy Billehus
Light Technicians Tim Nehring, LeRoy Schmitz
Set Construction B. Michael Quale, Lilla Gajewski
Ushers Inc! Footlighters
Concessions Inc! Footlighters



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