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Greater Tuna

by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, Ed Howard
January 28, 29 1994

Greater tuna image.jpg

Directed by B. Michael Quale     Assisted by Bobbie Mendro.

Entertainment, Inc.! presents the first ever Downstage Proction.  Twenty-five characters appear in Tuna, Texas- "The 3rd Smallest Town".  They are some of the finest, upstanding citizens.  The play is affectionate comment on small-town, Southern life and attitudes but also a withering satire of same. The audience will explode with laughter from this clever, inventive, fun and downright wild comedy.

The Cast

Thurston Wheelis Dwight Wigness
Arles Struvie Jack Dyville
Elmer Watkins John Grimmer
Berta Bumiller Jennifer Innis
Lenore Childers Steph Skow
Pearl Burras Bernadene Gortler
R.R. Snavely Jim Ryen
Rev. Spikes David G. Adams
Sherrif Givens Mary Jo Harstad
Hank Bumiller John Grimmer
Didi Snavely Kim Miller
Caroldine Lattimer Sarah Braun
Mrs. Petey Fisk Kim Schauer
Jody Bumiller Sarah Neft
Stanley Bumiller Jake Larson
Charlene Bumiller KoKo Tufton
Char Hartford Elizabeth White
Phinas Blye Jim Ryen
Vera Carp Judy Billehus
Mildred Jean Perkins Kathy Wood
JoJo Bo Lipsey Vicki Finders
Myna Faye Sweeney Kris Coughlin
Maxie Bovine Larry Sneider
The Hon. Judge Roscoe Buckner Joe Mendro, Sr.
Coach Joe Mendro, Sr.

The Staff

Director B. Michael Quale
Assistant Director Bobbie Mendro
Accompanist Kris Coughlin
Set Design B. Michael Quale
Tech Director B. Michael Quale
Set Construction Bobbie Mendro, Larry Sneider, Joe Mendro, Sr., John Grimmer, Vicki Finders, Sarah Braun, Jack Dyville, Jim Ryen, David Adams
Costumes B. Michael Quale, Larry Sneider
Ushers Phi Beta Lambda
Sound Technicians Larry Sneider, Jon Geyerman
Light Technicians B. Michael Quale
Box Office Jeanette Price, Joan Mendro
Makeup Bobbie Mendro
Props Bobbie Mendro
Chili Committee Mary Joe Harstad, Mary Alice Oyloe

Thank You

Williston High School, Joan of Art, Youth Education on Stage, Alan Billehus, Mercy Medical Center, Williston Herald, KUMV, KXMD, Lazer 96, KEYZ, Prairie Public Radio, The Shopper, American State Bank, Flora-Sphere, Ted Lindseth, Liquor Depot, Elks Lodge #1214