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The Boys in Autumn

by Bernard Sabath
February 18, 19, 20, 1994

Directed by D. W. Groethe            Assistant Director:  John Grimmer

On an afternoon in the 1920's, Tom Sawyer returns home to locate his childhood pal, Huck Finn.  As time passes, the two men find each other and recapture a friendship that goes on forever like the Mississippi.


The Cast

Henry Finnegan/Huck Finn                          Charles Clausen

                             Thomas Gray/Tom Sawyer                           Larry Sneider


The Staff

Director D. W. Groethe
Assistant Director John Grimmer
Choreographer Vicki Finders
Lighting Technician John Grimmer
Costumes Vicki Finders
Set Design D. W. Groethe
Set Construction John Grimmer, Joe Mendro, Sr., Mary Jo Harstad, Gianni Nodaccius
Props John Grimmer, Vicki Finders
Ushers Phi Beta Lambda
Rock Design and Stone Formation Gianni Nodaccius

Special Thanks To:

David & Sherri Nelson, Ralph & Olga Nelson, Jim Ryen, Rod Helstad, KEYZ, Prairie Public Radio, Elizabeth's on Broadway, Ted Lindseth, Elks Lodge #1214, Western Sports, Joan of Art, The Williston Herald, The Shopper, KXMD, KUMV, Lazer, 96 United Express Flora-Sphere, Family Thrift Center, Main Features, Video, Old Armory Governing Board