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See How They Run

by Philip King
April 8, 9, 10, 1994

Directed by B. Michael Quale        Assistant Director: Bobbie Mendro

A cockney maid, four clergymen, an escaped prisoner, a sedate Bishop and an American actor and actress gallop in and out of the four doors of an English vicarage.  Heavily playing on mistaken identity, 'See How They Run' will leave you breathless from laughter.

The Cast

Ida Judy Billehus
Miss Skillon Jennifer Innis
Reverend Lionel Toop         Gary Mizeur
Penelope Toop C'Dale Jore
Cpl. Clive Winton Phil Jore
The Intruder Jack Dyville
Bishop of Lax David G. Adams                
Rev. Arthur Humphrey Jim Ryen
Sgt. Towers Ron Anderson

The Staff

Director B. Michael Quale
Assistant Director Bobbie Mendro
Set Design B. Michael Quale
Set Decoration B. Michael Quale, Bobbie Mendro, Jim Ryen
Set Construction John Grimmer, David G. Adams, Bobbie Mendro, B. Michael Quale, Matt Klemisch, Alan Bellehus, Judy Bellehus, Joe Mendro, Jim Ryen, Gary Mizeur, Vicki Finders
Costumes B. Michael Quale
Props Jim Ryen
Backdrop Designed & Paint Larry Sneider
Light Technician John Grimmer
Video & Sound Technician Matt Klemisch
Box Office Vicki Finders
Ushers Entertainment, Inc!, Footlighters, Phi Beta Lambda
Concessions Mary Jo Harstad, Laurie Flexhaug, Pat Conlin

Thank You To:

Zona Bjornson, Jennifer Innis, Jack Dyville, Jim Ryen, Dean Christofferson, KEYZ/LAZER 96, Prairie Public Radio. The Williston Herald, The Shopper, KXMD, KUMV