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Family Christmas Scrapbook

by Written by James Ryen and Renae Rike-Nehring
December 11, 1988 1:30, 4:30, 7:30 pm

Our annual Christmas show is always a season favorite.  This years production will evoke fond memories of Christmases past as the Inc! chorus portrays a mother's memories of her time as a child buying a tree, her brother's first Christmas, and her favorite Christmases with her own children.  The story is told through traditional carols and much loved sacred music.

The Cast

Nancy Linda Moore
Nancy II C'Dale McBride
Eugene Curt Seevers
Mom Jeannine Cote
Dad Curtis Carlson
Sargent Miller James Ryen
Tom McGuire Dennis Stromme
Girls at Joy Club Marti Liudahl, Ildiko Kiss, Kathy Kuester
Boys at Joy Club                         Ryan Lindtwed, Dennis Stromme, Timothy Nehring      

The Company

Myrtle Erdman PhyllisCarson                    
Renae Rike-Nehring Lynn Mendro
Jeannine Cote Mary Kay Evanson
Marti Liudahl C'Dale McBride
Kathy Bartz Kathy Kuester
Norma Oyen Mary Alice Oyloe
Kathy Donnelly Jane Habiger
Laura Hamann Ildiko Kiss
Dorothy Olson Carol Schulz
Sarah Jane Johnson Carol Weisgerber
Mickey Loomis Renee Rogness
Bonnie Sheehan Sandy Miller
Laurene Christensen Sharon Hoglund
Vicki Finders Lori Kirby
Eleanor Bjelkevig
Tenor Bass
Joe Mendro, Jr. Dennis Stromme
Curtis Carlson John Rolfstad
Linda Moore Ryan Lindtwed
Gary Bickel Curt Seevers
Joe Mendro, Sr. Howard Young
Timothy Nehring Greg Thompson
Kelly McCauley James Ryen
David Binde Dennis Gendreau