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The Fantastiks

by Words by Tom Jones Music by Harvey Schmidt
October 28, 29 1988 6pm Dinner Theatre; November 4, 5 1988 7:30 pm; November 6, 1988 2:30 pm

Directed by D.W. Groethe

"The Fantasticks" is the longest running off-Broadway show in theatre history.  Wistful and enchanging songs like "Try to Remember" and "Soon its Gonna Rain" make it a favorite of both audiences and performers.

The Cast

The Narrator (El Gallo)                                  

David Binde                                
THe Girl (Luisa) Ildiko Kiss
The Boy (Matt) Ryan Lindtwed
The Boy's Father (Hucklebee) Joe Mendro, Jr.
The Girl's Father (Bellomy) Dennis Stromme
The Actor (Henry) Ted Lindseth
The Man Who Dies (Moritmer) C'Dale McBride
The Mute Sarah Haugen

The Production Staff

Director D. W. Groethe
Vocal Director Renae Rike Nehring
Accompanist Jane Habiger
Assistant Director Lynn Mendro
Set Design D. W. Groethe
Costume Coordinators D. W. Groethe, Lyyn Mendro
Costume Construction Ildiko Kiss, Joan Mendro
Ushers Chairperson Sue Storbakken
Box Office Joan Mendro, Jeanette Price
Lights Curt Seevers, Laurene Christensen, Joe Mendr, Jr.

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