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The Great Western Melodrama

by Florence Huntington Morris
June 17, 18, 1988

Directed by Earl Westerng

The Great Western Melodrama has the usual quota of stereotypical characters - the sneering villain, the helpless maiden, the steadfast hero - but owing to an unfortunate twist of fate, the troupe of touring actors scheduled to present this epic work can't make it. Since the show must go on, a substitute cast is hastily assembled to fill in. Unfortunately for them - and fortunately for the audience - they're, well, let's just say they're not very good. But what they are is uproariously funny.

The original cast has been quarantined and the stage hands, promptress, et al., have stepped into the roles so that the play might go on-- horribly miscast and unrehearsed. It is the story of how Daisy wins her poet lover, Filbert Fearless, over the objections of her hard hearted father. Though the cast forgets its lines, and the sound effects go wrong, the scene wherein Filbert, single handed, captures that villainous jail breaker, Two gun Percy, is beyond words!


The Cast

Master of Ceremonies, Director of Play  Earl Westereng 
 Filbert Fearless, Our Hero Renee Thorness 
 Daisy McSkew, His Sweetheart  Bernadene Gortler
 Mres. Abigail McSkew, Her Mother  Mary Kay Evanson
 Mr. Mortimer McSkew, Her Father  C'Dale McBride
 Oswald, Slugfest, another Suitor  Sarah Haugen
 Two Gun Percy, Our Villain  Sharon Hoglund

The Staff

 Director Earl Westereng 
 Set Design  D.W. Groethe
 Sound TEchnician, Promptress, Program  Sarah Jane Johnson
 Costumes  Lynn Mendro
 Props  Sharon Hoglund, C'Dale McBride