About Entertainment Inc!

Music Is Our Heritage

May 15, 16 1987 7:30 pm.

Produced by Lynn and Joe Mendro, Jr.

Performing members of Entertainment, Inc! will present a program consisting of variety of musical selections.  This show features the Inc! choral members as well as small groups, trios, and soloists.

Performing Members of Entertainment, Inc!

Soprano Alto
Jeannine Cote* Eloise Carter
Oral Johnson Vicki Finders
Lynn Mendro* Sue Hoffer*
Norma Oyen* Sharon Hoglund
May Alice Oyloe Sarah Jane Johnson
Kathleen Smith Sharon Tininenko
Dorothy Stockman
Susan Storbakken
Tenor Bass
Gary Bickel* Joe Mendro, Sr.*
John Conlin Dennis Stromme*
Joe Mendro, Jr.* Howard Young*

*Denotes soloists