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He Ain't Done Right by Nell

by Wilbur Braun
June 15, 1987

Directed by Rick Thorness

An old fashion melodrama in one act.  When Hilton Hays learns that Nell is a foundling and has no right to the Perkins name, he threatens to tell because Nell will not respond to his advances. Nell is too honest to marry the manly hero, Jack Logan, under the circumstances, so she dons her cape and prepares to roam the cruel world seeking a refuge for her broken heart. But wealthy Burkett Carleton has Hays arrested for stealing, and he discovers Nell is his long lost granddaughter. The entire action of the play takes place in 'the sitting and dinin' room of the old Perkins homestead out in the Far West. 



Granny Perkins Bernadine Gorler
Lolly Wilkins Lynn Mendro
Hilton Hays Joe W. Mendro
Vera Carleton Donna Waits
Nell Perkins Sarah Haugen
Jack Logan Michael Wetnore
Burkett Carleton Joe A. Mendro

Production Staff

Director Rick Thorness
Producers Lynn & Joe W. Mendro
Sets Lynn Mendro, Rickk Thorness
Props Joetta Diemert
Costumes Oral Johnson
Program Design Lynn Mendro
Prompters Susan Powell, Eloise Carter, Jack Dyville
Ushers Rusty Mendro, Brad Rockstad


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