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Christmas In Our Country Town

December 13, 1987


Christmas In our Country Town
The annual Chrismas show is always a season favorite.  This production Features a special show choir and a fast pased section of popular Christmas music with stage movement, dance, and dialogue.  The story of the Nativity will be told through sacred music performed by the full Entertainment, Inc! choir accompanied by dramatic readings and brass ensemble.
The Chorus
Soprano I   Eunice Grove, Oral Johnson, Kathy Kurester, Renae Rike-Nehring, Sue Strobakken
 Soprano II  Kathy Bartz, Deanna Carter, Chansy Charles, Jeannine Cote, Mary Kay Evanson, Ardis Jacobson, Marti Luidahl, C'Dale McBride, Lynn Mendro

 Alto I

 Eloise Carter, Sharon Hoglund, Sharon Tininenko
 Alto II  Vicki Finders, Sarah Jane Johnson, Renee Kitsch, Mickey Loomis, Dorothy Olson, Renee Thorson
 Tenor I Gary Bickel, Ted Lindseth 
 Tenor II  John Conlin, Jack Dyville, Joe Mendro, SR, Timothy Nehring
 Baritone  Joe Mendro Jr., B. Michael Quale, Jim Ryan, Rodger Schmid
 Bass  Ryan Lindtwed, Jon Rolfstad, Dennis Stromme, Howard Young
 Entertainment Inc! Dancers B. michael Quale, Renae Rike- Nehring, Jack Dyville, Vicki Finders, Ted Lindseth , Renee Kitsch, Timothy Nehring, Mickey Loomis, Gary Bickel, Oral Johnson, Rodger Schmid, Marti Luidahl 
 The Dance Factors  Keri Bean, Tara Cote, Shannon Kaiser, Deann Knudsvig, Sarah Markwart, Shelly Neimeier, Gretchen, Rathert, Sara Rudolph, Beth Vannest, Cecily WElls, Naomi Wold, Dusti Borsheim
 The Dance Children Tierra Arnson, Sundae Bean, Christa Folvag, Becky Furlong, Lori Gudmunsen, Angela Huwe 
 The Nativity  Robert Bartz, Cathy Stromme, Earl Westereng, Michael Harstad, Roger Altenburg, Charles Simpson, Jake Luidahl, Zack Finders, David Finders, Jeannine Cote
Show Staff
 Co Producers Kathy Bartz, B. Michael Quale 
 Directors  B. Michael Quale (Show), Sandi Blikre (Vocal), Renae Rike- Nehring (Ensemble)
 Choreographer  Jack Dyville
 Accompanists  Sandi Blikre (Vocal), Marilyn Ackerson (Ensemble), Joe Mendro, Jr., Ted Lindseth, Eunice Grove (Rehearsal)
 Scenic Design  B. Michael Quale
 Scenic Construction  Gary Falcon, B. Michael Quale
 Costumes  Sharon Hoglund, Oral Johnson
 Make Up  Joetta Diemert, B. Michael Quale, Bobbie Mendro
 Lights  Earl Westereng
 Sound  Joe Mendro, Jr., Jim Lingenfelter, Rick Thornes
 Publicity  Lynn Mendro
 Program Design  B. Michael Quale
 Program Layout  Jack Dyville
 Video  Jerry and Ruby Jasmin