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Fiddler on the Roof

by Book by Joseph Stein Music by Jerry Bock Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick
October 15, 1987

Directed by Ted Lindseth

Musical Director Sandi Blikre

Fiddler on the Roof is a musical set in Russia in 1905. The story centers on Tevye, the father of five daughters, and his attempts to maintain his family and religious traditions while influences from the outside world influence the affect their lives. He struggles with the choices of this three older daughters choice of husband.  Each daughter's choice of husband moves farther away from the customs of her faith.  The family also has to deal with the edict of the Tsar that evicts the Jews from their village.

Tevye, the dairyman                                            Joe Mendro, Jr.
Golde, his wife Gayle Bintliff
Tzeitel, his daughter Maureen Hagen
Hodel, his daughter Cathy How Schmitz
Chava, his daughter C'Dale McBride
Shprintze, daughter Sarah Wold
Bielke, daughter Tierra Arnson
Yente, the Matchmaker Lynn Mendro
Motel, the Tailor Ryan Lindtwed
Perchik, the student Terry Gaudreau
Lazar Wolf, the butcher Jack Dyville
Mordcha, the innkeeper Dennis Stromme
Rabbi Joe Mendro, Sr.
Mendel, his son Ted Lindseth
Avrahm, the bookseller Roger Altenburg
Nachum, the better Ted Rustad
Grandma Tzeitel Bernadine Gortler
Fruma-Sarah Lynn Mendro
Constable Jim Ryen
Fyedka Lennie Hermanson
Shaindel, Motel's mother Vicki Finders
The Fiddler Mickey Loomis
Russians B. Michael Quale, Rodger Schmid

David Adams, Eloise Carter, Jeannine Cote, Ardis Jacobson,  Ruby Jasmin, Oral Johnson, Sarah Jane Johnson,  Brad Rockstad, Joe Scott,Terrie Wold

Show Committee

Director and Musical Staging Ted Lindseth
Musical Director Sandi Blikre
Choreography of Chava Dance Mike harstad
Stage Manager Cathy Stromme
Lights Earl Westereng
Sound Rich Thorness
Set Design Earl Westereng
Programs Lynn Mendro, Ruby Jasmin
Video Jerry Jasmine
Media Chairman Lynn Mendro
Box Office Jeanette Price, Joan Mendro
Makeup Bobbi Mendro
Ushers Margo Bartnes, Chairman; Pearl Altenburg, Fern Ulschak, Marti Liudahl, Norman Oyen, Marie Johnson, Tim and Renae Nehring, Jan Thue, Jacki Paluck, John and Sheila Salwei, Becky Gilbertson, Joetta Diemert
Costume Coordinators Oral Johnson, B. Michael Quale
Costume Construction Gayle Arnson, Jim Ryen, Joetta Diemert, Joan Mendro, Terrie Wold, Sharon Hoglund, Keri Giddens, Melinda Hogue, Connie Diegel, Cathy Stromme, Ruby Jasmin, C'Dale McBride, Sarah Jane Johnson, Ardis Jacobson, Maureeen Hagen, Vicki Finders, Eloise Carter
Synthesizer Lee Sandvik

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