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Dames at Sea

by Bood and Lyrics by George Haimsohn and Robin Miller, Music by Jim Wise
October 10,11, 12, 13 1985

Directed and Choreographed by Jack Dyville  

Ruby, a talented dancer from Utah finds herself  as a chorus member in a Broadway musical rehearsal. Mona Kent the shows diva star.  Joan is a wise-cracking chorus girl, and Hennesy the producer/manager. Ruby faints into the arms of Dick, a sailor and aspiring song writer ("It's You"). Hennesy informs the cast that the theater must be torn down, and they must find another place for the show. Joan and Lucky, another sailor and her former boyfriend, renew their romance while Ruby admits her feelings for Dick ("The Sailor of My Dreams"). Dick and Lucky persuade their Captain to volunteer the use of their ship. Mona recognizes the Captain as a former boyfriend. When Mona kisses Dick, to persuade him to give her one of his songs, Ruby sees and is despondent ("Raining In My Heart").  They eventually make up.  Mona becomes sea sick during rehearsal.  Ruby steps in to save the show and becomes a star. The three couples decide to marry ("Let's Have A Simple Wedding").

The Cast

Ruby Renee Kitsch
Dick B. Michael Quale
Mona Kent Angela Monicken Johnson
Captain Hennesey Ted Liindseth
Joan Eloise Carter
Lucky Jack Dyville
Bubbles Oral Johnson
Trixie Vicki Finders
Reginald Reggie Lindseth

Production Staff

Director/Choreographer Jack Dyville
Musical Director Dibbie Everson
Stage Manager Mary Kay Evanson
costumes B. Michael Quale
Costume Crew Sharon Hoglund, Norma Oyen, Joetta Diemert, Penny Devries, Laurie Furuseth, Amy Rohrbach
Set Design/Technical Director Earl Westereng
Prop Mistress Kathy Bartz
Publicity Sharon Hoglund, Jack Dyville
Programs/Tickets/Posters Denice Heiser
Sound Joe Mendro, Jr., Larry Sondrol
Lighting Jennifer Eide, Zach Finders, Mike Graham
Set Construction/Backstage Crew Howard Coley, Roger Schmid, Chansy Charles, Dennis Stromme
Hair Styling and Wigs Sherry Rodvold
Floral Arrangement Design Fountain of Crafts
Dressers Cathy Stromme, Lynn Mendro, Joetta Diemert, Ellen Carpentier, Laura Pickell