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Plaza Suite

by A Comedy by Neil Simon
February 12, 1985

Directed by Win Larson, Deb Scott, and Mike Quale

The play is composed of three acts, each involving different characters but all set in Suite 719 of New York City's Plaza Hotel.  In the first act, Visitor from Mamaroneck, Sam and Karen Nash are revisiting the site of their honeymoon with Karen hoping to rekindle the love in their marriage.  The two have a heated argument about whether Sam is having an affair with his secretary.  The act eds with Sam leaving and Karen reflects on how much things have changed over the years.

The second act, Visitor from Hollywood, involves a meeting between movie producer Jesse Kiplinger and his old flame, Muriel Tate. Muriel has come for nothing more than a chat between old friends knowing Jesse has a reputation as being a ladies man.  Jesse has other plans for the visit.

The third act, Visitor from Forest Hills, revolves around married couple Roy and Norma Hubley on their daughter Mimsey's wedding day. Mimsey has locked herself in the bathroom.  While guests are awaiting her arrival, her parents are frantically trying to cajole her into coming out so she can attend her wedding.


Act One
Karen Nash Trish Vallely
Sam Nash Steve Bennett
Bellhop, Waiter Keith Larson
Jean McCormack Sarah Haugen
Act Two
Waiter Keith Larson
Jesse Kiplinger Mike Quale
Muriel Tate Lynn Mendro
Act Three
Norma Hubley Mary Kay Evanson
Roy Hubley Jack Dyville
Borden Eisler Jeff Larson
Mimsey Hubley Mary Lutz

Production Staff

Producers John Eggerman, Milton Schultz
Director Lin Larson, Deb Scott, Mike Quale
Costumes Michelle Burstall, Oral Johnson, Sharon Hoglund, Irene Sclineide
Publicity Cheryl Olson, Gayle Bintliff, Susan Powell, John Eggerman
Scenery Jeff Larson, Renae Rike, Phillip Clouse, Joetta Diemert, Becky Diemert, Andrew Bontje, Dennis Stromme, Joel Shopteese, Doug Flaten, John Eggerman
Makeup Angela Johnson, Maureen Hagen
Sounds and Lighting Joe Mendro, Cathy Bartz, Chausey Charles
Program Becky Shopteese
Tickets Sue Hoffer
Stage Manager Vicki Finders